Monday, July 26, 2010

all the pretty people are quilting.

so my good friend liz, who i talk about alot., is in the middle of a massive project! its calledproject patchwork and she is getting all these amazing-ly lovely people to help sew a patch. she really has worked incredibly hard and will be no doubt working as we speak to sew everyone's patch together!

i helped her out with sewing one of the patches for the heart quilt. and here is my little patch
below! i sewed mine on the way to work on the train every morning for a week. it was SO fulfilling.

also wanted to share with you all the beauty of arabella ramsay. coincidentally she has a quilt thee to here spring sumer line and as i peeked through the cute as website i found myself loving all her little outfits! she is so my style and i love the way her stuff is feminine and a little bit quirky but most of all stylish.

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